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THE HUNGER GAMES ACTIVITY PACK: This activity pack for Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games contains reproducible handouts that will help guide teachers in reviewing literary elements as their students read the novel. The activity pack reviews literary elements such as figurative language (similes, metaphors, and personification), imagery, characterization and much more (download the sample to see a full table of contents). The worksheets all tie into the novel and are ready to copy and distribute to students. These handouts are great to help students discover and review the literary elements hidden within The Hunger Games. This unit plan includes a total of 61 pages.

THE HUNGER GAMES READING COMPREHENSION PACK: This reading comprehension question packet for The Hunger Games contains one set of questions for each chapter of the book. Each worksheet is composed of ten to twenty short-answer questions that students can answer chronologically as they read each chapter. A teacher answer key for each chapter handout is included. 

THE HUNGER GAMES VOCABULARY PACK: This vocabulary activity pack for The Hunger Games contains handouts that utilize context clues as well as other handouts that utilize crossword puzzles.  There is one context clues handout and one crossword puzzle handout for every chapter in the book. 

THE HUNGER GAMES WRITING JOURNAL PACK: This journal pack for The Hunger Games contains reproducible handouts that will help students connect with the reading as they complete the novel. The journal pack includes one handout for each chapter (27 handouts in total); each handout contains two writing prompts that students get to choose from; each writing prompt connects to something from the prompt’s given chapter.  

THE HUNGER GAMES MULTIPLE-CHOICE QUIZ PACK: This quiz packet for The Hunger Games contains one quiz for every chapter of the novel. Each quiz is composed of five to eight multiple choice questions. A teacher answer key for each quiz is included.

THE HUNGER GAMES CHAPTER SUMMARY PACK: This is a set of summaries for each chapter of Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games. It contains one handout for each chapter of the book. Each handout summarizes its chapter's occurrences into a few paragraphs. 

THE HUNGER GAMES PANEM WORD LIST: The Hunger Games contains many words and definitions that only pertain to the world of Panem. Here is a list of those Panem words and their definitions. It defines terms like "tributes," "tesserae," and "the Hunger Games." It is a perfect handout to give to students prior to reading the book to help them out with comprehending the novel. 

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